Who We Are


SWiM – Sisters, Wives and Mothers Forum is a non-governmental organization that is concerned about meeting the all-round needs of women through the qualitative dissemination of precautionary, proactive and preventive information that will help her make the right decisions especially in the area of her emotions, career and relationships.

We are also gifted in providing emotional healing and support to people.

You see, as the line between the world and the Church thins out, many are confused as to what the standards their lives should be based on.

Interestingly, true, guaranteed and enduring result only come from doing things HIS way.

Have you tried all you know to do in your way and results seem to elude you? Truth is, HIS ways are not our way, so join us at SWiM to search out HIS ways together, in issues of our lives, marriage and home. Results guaranteed!!


Promoting healthy co-existence in couples one relationship at a time

This is done through seminars, relationship summit, radio and television programs, online forums,  Whatsapp group discussions, one on one coaching, counseling sessions, interactive blog post, social media groups and through our podcast and online TV station.


Sisters Wives and Mothers is a forum that has been put together to empower women to come together to collectively achieve the following results:

  1. Seek ways to achieve results in our lives and homes God’s way
  2. Challenge each other in ‘well doing’
  3. To helps us to learn from each other’s experiences thereby preventing the repeat of ancient mistakes
  4. Gives us the opportunity to celebrate our uniqueness
  5. Mentor younger ladies and thereby directly impacting the next generation
  6. Create an avenue to discuss issues that are peculiar to us




At REALationship Unfeigned we combat real issues with real truths in practical ways with RESULTS GUARANTEED! We believe that true happiness in relationship is available and attainable if we apply the right principles.



At Roaring Lioness, we gather together to pray and intercede for ourselves, our family, our nation and every other pressing issues. We simply call because He is willing and able to defend our course.


  • Pre-marital and Post-marital classes
  • Marriage enrichment classes
  • Relationship coaching
  • Virtual or one on one counselling relationship classes
  • Emotional therapy sessions


67 Estate Close off Bayelsa Court,
Gaduwa Estate,
Abuja, Nigeria.

Telephone: +234-9080088503
Email: info@swimconcepts.org

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