Aug 2018

Wives listen up, we need to talk. Congratulations for coming this far, you are one of the lucky ones that got him to commit to you in marriage. But guess what? Part of the reason why he married you was because he anticipated and fantasied about having great sex with you. Ladies you need to come to terms with this fact, sex is very, very important to your husband. Regardless of how often or infrequent your husband thinks or talks about sex, make no mistake, it is a vital aspect of who......

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What is Love?

What is Love? Is it a tingling feeling or is it that tender, passionate affection for that beautiful damsel or handsome dude? All the definitions of love that was found in dictionaries were in...

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Hi peeps. Great weekend huh? I think early enough in these series we need to establish the fact that the world would be a better place if we all decide to contribute our own...

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