Did you say disrespect?

Hi Ladies, I will like to clarify some issues based on the last post.

You see ladies: the easiest part of a relationship is attracting a man. All things being equal a budding young lady produces enzymes that should make her look soft and succulent and of course, the natural response in men is to pursue her.

At this particular stage, men fall over themselves to give you attention and to woo you. After carefully weighing your options, you eventually decide to settle for one of them.

But guess what? ‘Attracting’ a man and ‘keeping’ a man are two parallel lines; they don’t meet. Let’s tell ourselves the truth – sustaining a relationship that will ultimately lead to marriage and in fact keeping a marriage requires more effort than just a fine face and beautiful figure.

If you are interested in ‘playing’ and ‘winning’ the game, there are rules you must play by. The world has told us so many lies that we do not know what to believe any more. But realistically, if you ask people who truly have ‘it’ and are keeping ‘it’, they’ll tell you it requires a lot of wisdom to keep ‘it’.

First and foremost, never disrespect your man. Don’t take him for granted!!! Even if you are age-mates, you earn more, you are from a higher social strata, whatever. Please, learn not to.

I am not saying that it is easy (as most of us esteem every other man and simply forget to respect ours) but the earlier you know he can’t function properly if he is not regarded and recognized, the better for you and your relationship.

When you show kind consideration for a man’s view (respect), he translates it as loves and appreciates you the more for it. Note that no man truly wants to be ‘in-charge’ of everything, they only need you to make them ‘feel’ in-charge and they will be OK.

So are you interested in taking that relationship to the next level – then show some respect and all will be yours for the getting.

God will help us all – including me…….


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Nike Adekunle is the president of SWiM (Sisters, Wives and Mothers} Forum. At SWiM, Nike and her team equips men, women, married and singles with all the information and strategies needed to make relationships and marriage work. In collaboration with members of SWiM, She hosts REALationship Unfeigned (an initiative that promotes healthy relationships) and Roaring Lioness (a prayer focus group). Nike is a relationship coach, marriage counselor, blogger, writer and an author. She currently has four books to her credit. To get her books, visit swimconcepts.org/shop/

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