Party Etiquette I – (Dressing Down to an Event)

Party Etiquette I - (Dressing Down to an Event)

Let’s talk about a different type of relationship this season. Relationship with friends and functions.

I really feel I should write this because I have noticed some don’ts in parties that happen frequently, more so because festive periods are here. I know you will be invited to several parties this season.

Do you know that the way you dress for an event tells a lot about your inner feelings about the celebrant? A lot of people do not realize that the way you dress up or dress down to an event reflects how you feel about the celebrant and the entirety of the event.

As the host of a party, have you ever seen your guest appear shabbily to your event and you suddenly felt violated. You couldn’t explain why you felt that way but you certainly didn’t feel good and also didn’t feel you had a right to complain because you felt that after all, this person honored my invitation.

Truth is: your invitation was honored but you were not honored. I have seen people attend formal functions that they were given the honor of an invitation and they appear informally in a t-shirt, faded jeans, and casual slippers. This communicates a lot and this is what I want to discuss.

Below are some food for thought. Dressing down or appearing shabby for an event means:

  1. You don’t think much of the host: if you think highly of someone, something in you strive to “impress’’ the person even if it is subtle. Imagine what you will wear if you were invited by the President for a dinner.
  2. You don’t think much of what is being celebrated: dressing shabbily to an event show that you think lightly about the achievement or milestone being celebrated. Picture what you feel like and the length of time and effort it takes to decide on what to wear on your own big days’. So not according others that respect shows you don’t appreciate the ‘bigness’ of the day.
  3. You have very little dress sense: it’s true that some people struggle with right clothe choices but simply follow the golden rule – do unto others what you want them to do for you.
  4. Dress appropriately for events. There are clothes that suit every occasion.Make sure you are dressed in the right attire for the occasion. Swimsuits are inappropriate for a wedding just as suits are inappropriate in the stadium.
  5. Avoid being overdressed for occasions, avoid competitions with the celebrant so as not to ‘steal the show’.


The purpose of dressing nicely to functions is to dress in a way to make the celebrant’s day memorable. It is rude and contemptuous to appear underdressed for an event. It tells a lot about you. It is impolite to say the least but guess what – you also succeed in demeaning yourself.


Nike Adekunle is the president of SWiM (Sisters, Wives and Mothers} Forum. At SWiM, Nike and her team equips men, women, married and singles with all the information and strategies needed to make relationships and marriage work. In collaboration with members of SWiM, She hosts REALationship Unfeigned (an initiative that promotes healthy relationships) and Roaring Lioness (a prayer focus group). Nike is a relationship coach, marriage counselor, blogger, writer and an author. She currently has four books to her credit. To get her books, visit

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