If love is as beautiful as we are made to believe, then why does love hurt so much? Why do relationships have conflicts? Is it possible to have a conflict free relationship? These are some of the questions we all have pondered on from time to time.

On this expedition, let’s explore various sides to conflict in relationships/marriage.  Why do we have conflicts? What is conflict really meant to achieve in our relationships? What is the right mind-set to adopt about conflict prevention? Does conflict have to degenerate to combat? How can conflict be resolved when it arises? These are some angles through which we will explore conflict.

A lot of people in relationships and marriages are hurting. Some people even believe that they are in a relationship with the wrong person simply because of the presence of conflicts in their relationship.

It should interest you to know that conflict is not the worst thing that can happen in your relationship. Simply because you have conflicting opinions or you cannot come to a quick agreement on issues does not mean you are in a problematic relationship or that you are with the wrong person. In fact, the absence of conflict in your relationship should give you concern. I’m in no way saying you should go hunting for conflict, but it will find you, and when it does don’t you run from it or ignore it hoping it goes away.

The presence of conflicts in your relationship/marriage does not invalidate the love you share. Conflicts have several advantages if we allow it. The question is not whether there will be conflict in your relationship, it is how you choose to handle it when it comes.

This means that there would be a need to learn how to entertain conflicts without subscribing to combats. So in the meantime, let’s learn to ‘fight’ smart, while we continue to explore more sides to conflicts.


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