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What is your take on relational investment?

The most important investment an individual who is planning to get married can make is in premarital knowledge.

We have come to realizePREMARITAL CLASSES BY SWiM (concepts) ACADEMY that many of the couples we counsel have issues that dates back to before they said, “I do.” Usually many people think things would be different after the wedding ceremony.

When people hear Premarital Education, they ask “What is the cost?” Professional counselling is way cheaper than the marriage ceremony or divorce.

The truth is that, if you are planning on spending forever together, you need to invest in your marriage, and to do that you need to get professional pre-marital counselling.

The society has made people believe that, it’s better that more is spent on the wedding ceremony than on the marriage itself. On the other hand, people hardly think of the cost implication of divorce.

Punjai Puliyampatti Let’s analysis a typical average wedding. 

From our enquiries from famous wedding digests and wedding vendors, the average cost of a wedding is two million naira (2m). This does not include the honeymoon or ring.

Statistics from different legitimate sources in the country have proven that the general expense of documenting a divorce case goes between five hundred thousand naira (500K) to one million naira (1m) contingent upon the court, attorneys’ charges and in some instances, the purpose behind the separation (divorce).

Now let me shock you, the price of Premarital Education is less than two percent of the cost of the wedding ceremony or cost implication of a divorce.

It is only proper to invest in what will help you minimize your pain and maximize your marital bliss. I think it is wiser and way cheaper to capitalize a token now in what will give your marriage ecstasy.

We offer Premarital Education at an affordable rate. If you are interested in knowing with accuracy the likely challenges that you will encounter on your marital journey and how to avert them visit to enroll at deal now!!

Please note there is no guarantee that your marriage will succeed for a lifetime. However, the percentages of marriages that last invest in their relationship. 




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