The aim of every Pre-marital Educator is to achieve a psychosomatic balance of you and your partner before and after marriage.

It is essential that couples understand their expectations about marriage may differ. It is also critical to address any significant differences in a safe and impartial environment.

The psychology behind premarital education focuses on the health and longevity of the couple. It questions every conceivable situation around marriage. For example:

  • What brings two people together?
  • What keeps them together?
  • What breaks them apart?
  • How does their union affect their well-being, health, and happiness?
  • How does divorce affect the same variables?
  • How does having children affect the marriage bond?
  • How does divorce affect children?
  • How does stress affect the relationship?
  • How does a lack of intimacy affect the relationship?
  • What factors increase the odds of divorce?
  • How does the person’s upbringing affect their romantic relationships? Psychological Goals and Objectives of Premarital Education

  • Examines the relationship in a more objective manner and assists the couple in learning how to perceive their interactions in a positive light.
  • Differences in cultural expectations can cause difficulties. The education teaches you on how family-of-origin and cultural beliefs affect how your partners understands all the relationships in their lives.
  • Couple learn how to use the art of compromise.
  • To help couples identify and correct dysfunctional behaviours. .e.g. addiction, dominance and control etc.
  • Effective communication is one of the most imperative factors in a healthy relationship – you will learn how to talk to each other openly and express your thoughts and feelings in a healthy and supportive manner.
  • To identify strengths – A thorough understanding of the stronger aspects of the union to help build resilience upon which to build the marriage.
  • Decreases emotional isolation and avoidance and teaches how to express their feelings in a way that is polite.

Psychological intervention in premarital education eliminates dysfunctional behaviours and help couples identify and correct these dysfunctional behaviours. E.g. Dominance and control and addiction, depression, anger, addictions and anxiety. As such, getting psychological preparedness can contribute to more peaceful marriages.


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