Do you know that many people are only ENDURING instead of ENJOYING their marriage? You see, statistically, it is estimated that 50% of most marriages end up in divorce and over here in Nigeria, most people patch up their marriage in order not to be critiqued by the society or so as not to be labelled as a failure in marriage.

But the real truth is that relationships and marriage can be beautiful and we can ENJOY a stress free and a beautiful our marriage if only we know what to do and how to avoid pitfalls that make most marriage(s) miserable

In this Book, you will discover

  • Why relationships fail
  • Lies and misconceptions in relationships
  • Mistakes singles make in relationships.
  • How to discover and avoid unhealthy relationship
  • Practical and easy to understand tips on how to build a successful relationship
  • How to become attractive and irresistible
  • How to successfully deal with crisis and problems in relationships
  • Simple things to do to keep up the flame of LOVE and the spark in your relationship


I am inspired and refreshed reading this book, and I believe it will be a great blessing to every reader, I recommend this book to everyone who desires to enjoy and not endure their relational life.

Pastor Olumide Emmanuel (Relationship Expert)

REALationship Unfeigned is a great resource! It is well written, it is frank, and it is real. It is filled with ageless wisdom to help in the face doubts or challenges in a relationship. Mrs Nike Adekunle deals with diverse issues with godly inspiration in this book. It is a must read for everyone.

Testimonial Funmi Olubakin
Funmi Olubakin
Funmi Olubakin

This work enhances the capability of women on all fronts both married and single. I have been better informed. I wish to congratulate NIKE for the brilliant initiative towards positive impact on women

Testimonial YEMI OLAMIDE
Yemi Olamide

This is a refreshing book with day to day analogy and simple illustration, this book brought to my remembrance of how in the olden days community leaves together in harmony and genuine love. Thank you for the enlightenment.

Testimonial Pastor Oyedele Segun
Pastor Oyedele Segun
Pastor Oyedele Segun


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