Roaring Lioness is an Interdenominational Christian women’s prayer forum. We are a group of women who believe in taking our challenges to God first, raising women who take our place in the place of prayer.

When we pray we’re simply calling God on His hotline.

When you feel weak, call He strengthens

When you feel misunderstood, call He is relatable

When you sin, call He always forgives

When you are fatigued, call He invigorates

When you are confused, call He gives precision

When you have been cheated, report He gives justice

When you have been accused, call he justifies

When you feel defenceless, call He defends

When taunted by the enemy, He teaches your hands to battle

When you lose all, call He restores

When you need connections, he opens doors no one can shut

When you need a friend, He’s just a call away

We simply call because He is willing and able to defend our course.