What is SWiM all about?

Do you know that many people are only enduring instead of enjoying their marriage? You see, statistically, it is estimated that 50% of most marriages end up in divorce and here in Nigeria, most people patch up their marriage in order not to be critiqued by the society or so as not to be labeled as a failure in marriage.

At SWiM, we help singles, married, men and women build a winning marriage and a fulfilling relationship.

We do this through the dissemination of proactive, precautionary and preventive information that can help people make the right decisions. We are gifted in providing emotional healing and support.



As part of our measures to provide people with the right information, materials, and service(s) that they can leverage on to build a successful marriage, we’re seeking to expand our list of writers and contributors.

Upon registration, you will undergo a dedicated training under the tutelage of our founder, Mrs. Nike Adekunle for a defined period of time; after which, you will be granted the opportunity to utilize your skills as a writer on our online media channels which includes our websites, social media platforms, online community and our proposed E-Newsletter.

Not only are you presented with an awesome opportunity to horne your skills, your write-ups and materials will be distributed all across our media channels with a potential reach of over five thousand people thus providing you with a solid platform to gain recognition for your skills and also to be recognized as a thought leader in the relationship and marriage niche

 So if you believe you’ve got what it takes, REGISTER BELOW;

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