What is SWiM all about?

SWiM – Sisters, Wives and Mothers Forum is a non-governmental organization that is concerned about meeting the all-round needs of women through the qualitative dissemination of precautionary, proactive and preventive information that will help us make the right decisions especially in the area of her emotions, career and relationships. We are gifted in providing emotional healing and support to people.

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Who founded SWiM?

SWiM is founded by NIKE ADEKUNLE

NIKE is the president of SWiM (Sister, Wives and Mothers), a forum that helps women achieve success in all areas of their life.

She is also a relationship coach, marriage counselor and a life coach. She helps singles, married, men and women build a lasting, sweet and a romantic relationship with their spouse.

You can join her  weekdays on her live radio talk show as she examine practical ways through which you can build a sweet and a lasting relationship.

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What service do you offer?

We offer the following service(s):

  • Dating and Hook up
  • Premarital Classes
  • Finishing School
  • Marital Counseling
  • Therapy

Where are you based?

We have our office address at:

67 Estate Close off Bayelsa Court
Gaduwa Estate
Abuja, Nigeria

Telephone: +2347036288244
Email: info@swimconcepts.org

You can know more and also follow us on our social media platforms on: 

Facebook: @swimconcepts | Twitter: @swimconcepts | Instagram: @swimconcepts

What's so special about me joining you?

Have you tried all you know to do in your way and results seem to elude you? Truth is, HIS ways are not our way, so join us at SWiM to search out HIS ways together, in issues of our lives, marriage and home. Results guaranteed!!

When do you normally meet?

We must regularly for our meetings. The first is RELATIONSHIP UNFEIGNED seminars and we also meet regularly to pray at ROARING LIONESS….

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Kindly up your details below so that we can send you the details of our meeting days:

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How and when can I support you?

We believe that it’s important to provide financial assistance to organizations that play a key role in helping those in need in our society. We are passionate in our support of a variety of causes from Young ladies doing extra-ordinary things to Strong Women fighting the cause for the society and each of our partners play a significant role in supporting these initiatives.

…To partner with SWiM on all the above projects. Send your donations to:

Acct Name: Precious Swim Concepts
Acct No: 2151832043

Be certain your donations are in safe hands and accountability is promised.
God bless you as all as we rise to the help of the aged and secure your own tomorrow, when you will be too frail to defend yourself.

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Any other question?

If you need any other information about SWiM CONCEPT, kindly fill the form below to contact us:
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Or call: +2347036288244

You can also reach in any of our social platforms:

Facebook: @swimconcepts | Twitter: @swimconcepts | Instagram: @swimconcepts 


Thank you for volunteering to support us. Please, fill the form below to send us your details:
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Be certain your donations are in safe hands and accountability is promised. Thank you for your support. God bless you

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